Viewers Comments:

“AGAINST ALL ODDS is a provocative and informative film.”

Mary Ann Tipton- Women's Voices Raised for social justice

“I want to tell you that I was very moved by the commentary and visual imagery of the film. The documentary was very eye opening and challenging to view. Yet, we recognize that it is very important piece of our history that must be told.”

Ruby Bouie – University of Texas

"Dear Sandra, Congratulations on another profound and fabulous film! Cheers Eve"

Eve Gage- Oscar award winning documentary film editor

Hi Sandra We want to thank you deeply for sharing the film with us; … We deeply enjoyed your look at East St. Louis, we learned a great deal about it from your film that, despite our proximity, we had managed to miss. Fantastic film. Thanks again for sharing your work, and we hope to see more out of you in the future. All the best.

David Friesen Submissions Director, True/False Documentary Film Festival We all we got

Thank you so much…. I am a fan of this project… We have to get beyond black and white…we can't just sit and act like things are perfect.  Our children need to know from whence we came…”

Kathryne Robinson

“….I found many thought-provoking things in your film ….your work is extremely important, because the visual medium coupled with voice and music is very powerful and immediate… you fully know, your documentary film needs to be in the realm of public viewing.

Charles L Lumpkins, author American Pogrom: The East St. Louis Race Riot and Black Politics

"The movie was great and I enjoyed talking to you"

Santana Turner

"Your film was fantastic"

Rylee D.

West Salem Elementary - 8th graders